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Sign Ordinances

Sign Ordinances (2015)

Tara A. McGee, Chair
(804) 748-1491


Martin R. Crim
(540) 829-8240

Adam D. Melita
(757) 664-4529

William M. Macali
(757) 385-8200

Gustav Gregory Kamptner
(434) 972-4067

Alan F. Smith
(540) 658-8636

Anthony C. Williams
(540) 667-1815

Purpose: To evaluate the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Reed v. Town of Gilbert on the constitutionality of local sign ordinances and provide guidance to localities regarding such ordinances.

The committee has prepared the an outline of relevant judicial precedent related to the First Amendment and signs. It is intended to be a sort of mini-primer for lawyers who need an orientation to the issues that should be kept in mind in the event one is reviewing and amending a local sign code.

Legal Outline on Relevant Jurisprudence and the Importance of Reed v. Town of Gilbert

Model Sign Ordinance

Legal Memorandum on Sign Ordinance Enforcement