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LGA Conference Sponsorships


LGA offers law firms and other organizations whose work relates to local government law the opportunity to participate in its CLE conferences. 

Annual Sponsors of Conference Programs & Events

Annual conference sponsorships offer an opportunity for firms with a statewide presence and major involvement with LGA to budget for an annual conference sponsorship.

Annual conference sponsorships are $10,000 per year, per firm.

Annual conference sponsors are identified as "Annual Sponsors of LGA Conference Programs and Events."

Annual conference sponsors are listed as cosponsors of the reception and banquet at both the spring and fall conferences.

Each annual sponsor receives five free spaces for the reception and banquet at both the spring and fall conferences. 

Annual conference sponsors are recognized each year with  a short write-up about the firm in the Bill of Particulars.

Annual conference sponsors are identified on the LGA website with a link to the law firm's website.

Annual conference sponsors are featured prominently in conference materials.

After the list of programs for each conference has been generated by the conference committee, annual conference sponsors are to be considered as possible speakers to fill any open slots.

Annual conference sponsors are encouraged to maintain a presence at each LGA conference and to use these conferences as an opportunity to communicate with current and prospective LGA clients. LGA discusses with annual conference sponsors what steps LGA might take to facilitate this relationship.

LGA continues to solicit sponsorships for individual events from other law firms and from other organizations that maintain a relationship with LGA and its members.

The LGA expresses special appreciation for the continuing commitment of the following Annual Sponsors of LGA Conference Programs and Events:

AquaLaw PLC

Hunton & Williams LLP

McGuireWoods LLP

Sands Anderson PC

Troutman Sanders LLP

If you are interested in becoming an Annual Sponsor of LGA Conference Programs and Events, please contact any member of the Board of Directors.

Prime Event Sponsors

Prime Event Sponsors help underwrite the Opening Night Party at each LGA fall and spring conference. This sponsorship is intended for two or more law firms operating in the geographic region where the conference is held.

Prime Event Sponsors (two or more per conference):

1. Are solicited on a conference-by-conference basis.

2. Contribute $5,000 for the cosponsorship of the Opening Night Party.

3. Receive five (5) free spaces to the Opening Night Party.

4. Are given publicity for the sponsor contribution (a) in the conference and program materials (both printed and online); (b) at the event itself; and (c); in the Bill of Particulars articles publicizing and summarizing the conference.

5. Receive one (1) complimentary full conference registration for each $5,000 contribution for a particular conference.

Individual Event and General Sponsors

LGA offers two levels for individual event and general sponsors:

1. Full Sponsorship gives the sponsor an exclusive listing for a portion of the conference, such as a breakfast or a break ("an event").

2. Cosponsorship enables two or three firms to underwrite the same event (depending on the contribution level).

3. General sponsors' contributions support a functional area of the conference as a whole, e.g., printing, Internet service, or AV.

Individual Event Sponsors and General Sponsors may choose from a list of events and activities for each conference, with two limitations:

1. Sponsorship of the reception and banquet at both the spring and fall conferences is reserved for LGA’s Annual Sponsors.

2. Priority for sponsorship (or cosponsorship) of the opening night party at both the spring and fall conferences is given to law firms with offices in the geographic region where the conference is being held.

Individual Event Sponsors and Cosponsors and General Sponsors receive free spaces for either the opening night party or the reception and banquet. As a general rule, sponsors receive one free space for each $1,000 contribution (rounded up to the nearest $1,000).

In addition, any sponsor that contributes $2,500 or more may set up an exhibit table from one hour before the sponsored portion of the conference to one hour after it.

All sponsors and cosponsors are recognized in the official conference program, at the banquet, with a sign prominently displayed at the event, and in the Bill of Particulars after the conference. Sponsors may also display an exhibit if space permits.


If you have any questions please email Adele MacLean or call 804-747-4971.