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Young LGA


This group, which is intended to facilitate its members’ participation in the LGA, is open to attorneys in LGA localities (1) who are either 36 years of age or younger or (2) who have fewer than five years of experience as local government practitioners.

Mission Statement. The Young LGA will serve the LGA as a whole, its board of directors, and the younger and newer members of the association by: (1) promoting its members’ participation in, and facilitation of, LGA events, committees, and conferences; (2) creating opportunities for fellowship,interaction, and discussion among its members and with other members of the LGA; and (3) supporting the LGA board with implementation of its objectives. 

The board of directors has formally approved the following activities.

  1. The YLGA practice group is to be responsible for a networking event at each spring and fall conference, during the conference time slot of 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, with the costs and logistics for each event to be coordinated with the conference planning committee for that particular conference. YLGA is encouraged to find a sponsor for this event, which sponsor shall be recognized in the conference program.
  2. The conference program for every third conference is to include, during the regular CLE time slots, a CLE session geared to the YLGA practice group membership.

If you have an interest in joining the Young LGA Practice Group, please contact the leader of the Group:

Zachary A. Simmons
Assistant City Attorney
City of Norfolk
900 City Hall Building
Norfolk, VA 23510

TEL 757-664-4529
FAX 757-664-4201