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Call for Spring Awards Nominations

LGA Awards and Recognition Committee

The LGA Awards and Recognition Committee is now soliciting nominations for the following awards and recognitions to be presented at the LGA Spring 2017 Conference, which will be held from April 19-21, 2018 at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center. For each of the awards, please send your nomination(s) to LGA Awards and Recognition Committee Chair Eric Gregory ( Please state the reasons you believe the nominee should receive the award, along with any other pertinent information. All nominations must be received by Thursday, February 15, 2018.

A. Robert Cherin Award

The A. Robert Cherin Award for an Outstanding Deputy or Assistant Local Government Attorney was created specifically to recognize the important contributions that staff attorneys make to the Commonwealth. Past recipients of the award are Ara L. Tramblian (2017), Bernadette S. Peele (2016), G. Gregory Kamptner (2015), J.T. Tokarz (2014), Stylian P. Parthemos (2013), Ellen F.M. Posner (2012), Eleanor A. Putnam Dunn (2011), Karen M. Adams (2010), Cynthia B. Hall (2009), William M. Macalli (2008), Beverly A. Burton (2007), Jan L. Proctor (2006), Rhysa G. South (2005), Leo P. Rogers (2004), Joyce M. Coleman (2003), Barbara M. Rose (2002), Michael H. Long (2000), William X. Parsons (1999), John E. Oliver (1998), Jeffrey L. Mincks (1997), Harold P. Juren (1995), and John L. Knight (1994).

The award recipient, if any, is chosen based on the following: 

Eligibility: The nominee shall have served as a deputy or assistant city, county, or town attorney for at least 10 years. Service need not be continuous or with the same local government.

Criteria: The nominee shall have demonstrated distinguished service as a deputy or assistant city, county, or town attorney; the nominee’s public service shall have enhanced the image of local government attorneys in the Commonwealth; and the nominee shall have demonstrated personal commitment to the highest 
ethical and professional principles.

Selection: To be considered for the award, an individual must be nominated by the City, County, or Town Attorney currently employing the nominee. The LGA Awards Committee will consider those nominations received and will recommend a nominee for consideration by the LGA Board of Directors.

Pro Bono Award

The LGA created the Pro Bono Award in 2010 to encourage and recognize the creative contribution by a member of the LGA to the provision of pro bono representational and nonrepresentational legal services. Attorneys employed by a current member of the LGA who have demonstrated one or more of the relevant criteria in a manner of particular relevance and application for the practice of local government law are encouraged to submit their name, position(s), and dates of local government service. The LGA intends to rely solely on voluntarily submitted information for making these awards.

Special Projects Award

The LGA recognizes, as appropriate, at its Fall and Spring Banquets, its members ho have performed work on an LGA project or any other project of significant importance  to the LGA or to local government generally. The purpose of the award is to encourage greater service to the LGA and/or to local government. An eligible attorney or project will have made significant contributions based on the evidence of effectiveness and success of the project, including the scope, importance, and duration of the benefits derived by he LGA or local government, and membership involvement. The level of difficulty in implementing and/or sustaining the project will also be a consideration. Examples of past types of such work include the Ad Hoc Committee on Sign Ordinances, Recodification of Title 15.1, the Report of the LGA on Local Government Structure, the LGA Economic Development Incentives Project, and the LGA Ad Hoc Committee on Noise Ordinances.

Retiree Recognition

Since 2005, the LGA has semiannually recognized its members who are retiring after 15 or more years of service to a county, city, or town. A retiree is eligible for this recognition if he or she either (1) has been employed full-time by a county, city, or town or at least 15 years or (2) has served as chief legal counsel of a county, city, or town or at least 15 years. Those who qualify for this recognition should submit their name, position(s), and dates of local government service. The LGA intends to rely solely on voluntary submitted information for making these recognitions.

Event Date: 
Friday, January 5, 2018 to Thursday, February 15, 2018