LGA Publications Committee Mission statement

Mission statement

Oversee production and review of the LGA Handbook of Virginia Local Government Law (formerly the LGA Handbook for Local Government Attorneys), including new and revised chapters and annual chapter supplements produced by LGA’s contract editor. Tasks include: (a) advising the board regarding what chapters should be revised, added, or deleted from the handbook; (b) making recommendations to the board regarding the compensation requested by the contract editor; and (c) selecting and approving authors and reviewers for the handbook.

Serve as a sounding board for the National Legal Research Group, Inc. (NLRG) on issues affecting the LGA’s monthly newsletter, the Bill of Particulars, and advise the board, on request, on such issues.

When requested by the board, prepare (a) handbook budget estimates (revenues and expenses), working with the administrative director; and (b) handbook requests for proposals (RFPs) for editorial services, evaluating the proposals received and recommending a contractor for board selection.

Investigate special topics as requested by the board, such as the feasibility of using the services of a private publisher for the handbook.

Prepare special initiatives, as requested or approved by the board, such as a marketing plan for enlarging the audience for the handbook.

Develop, and periodically review and update, policies and procedures for handling all aspects of LGA's handbook production, submitting to the board of directors for approval and inclusion in the LGA's Policies and Procedures Catalogue.


Marissa D. Mitchell, Chair
Henrico County
Ending 12.31.15
2nd Term
Tara A. McGee
Vice Chair & board liaison
Chesterfield County
Ending 12.31.16
1st Term
John C.Blair II
Albemarle County
Ending 12.31.15
2nd Term
Robert T. Eckstrom
City of Fredericksburg
Ending 12.31.15
2nd Term
Jeffrey S. Gore
Hefty Wiley & Gore
Ending 12.31.15
1st Term
Lisa A. Robertson
City of Charlottesville
Ending 12.31.15
1st Term
Deborah K. Siegel
Prince William County
Ending 12.31.16
1st Term
Nicholas F. Simopoulos
City of Hampton
Ending 8.31.15
1st Term
Susan Warriner Custer
LGA Administrative Director
Ex officio, susan.custer@lgava.org
Ex Officio
Billie E. Easton
Liaison to LGA, U.Va Cooper Center
Ex officio, bee2u@virginia.edu
Ex Officio