LGA Nominating Committee



Identifies a slate of officers and directors for the association that meets the requirements of LGA’s articles of incorporation and bylaws and is consistent with the nominating committee guidelines approved by the board of directors.


Committee members, appointed each January by the board of directors, must include a chair and four additional members, including as least one county attorney, one city attorney, and one town attorney. The board of directors attempts to achieve regional balance of the nominating committee, to the extent practicable. In addition to the five voting members, the president serves as an ex officio, non-voting member of the committee.

The members of this committee nominate a slate of officers and directors to be elected at the LGA Spring Conference. Each year, the names and contact information of the committee members are posted here when the committee is activated and are removed once the committee's task is completed.

LGA Nominating Committee Announces Candidates

On Thursday, March 27, 2014, at the Annual Meeting held in conjunction with the LGA Spring 2014 Conference at the Omni Charlottesville Hotel, the LGA will elect new officers and directors to serve in the upcoming year to begin September 1, 2014.

The LGA Nominating Committee is tasked with identifying a slate of officers and directors for the Association that meets the requirements of the LGA Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws and is consistent with the pertinent guidelines approved by the LGA Board of Directors. The 2014 Nominating Committee consists of Norman B. Sales (Goochland County Attorney, Chairman), Deborah C. Icenhour (Abingdon Town Attorney), Douglas L. Guynn (Staunton City Attorney), Adam D. Melita (Norfolk Deputy City Attorney), and John R. Roberts (Loudoun County Attorney).

Having previously requested suggestions for qualified candidates from the membership through both the Bill of Particulars and the listserv, the committee discussed a number of candidates and agreed that virtually all of them were highly qualified. After a lengthy discussion of the qualifications of a substantial number of candidates, the committee voted unanimously to refer the following slate to the Board of Directors and the membership for consideration:

For a one-year term as an officer:

President G. Carl Boggess, County of Bedford

Vice President Roderick R. Ingram, City of Virginia Beach

Treasurer W. Clarke Whitfield Jr., City of Danville

Secretary George A. McAndrews, City of Alexandria

For a second two-year term as a director:

Roderick B. Williams, Frederick County

For an initial two-year term as a director:

Haskell C. Brown III, City of Richmond

Deborah C. Icenhour, Town of Abingdon

Michelle R. Robl, Prince William County

Please note that Tara A. McGee (Chesterfield Assistant County Attorney), Eric H. Monday (Martinsville City Attorney), Timothy R. Spencer (Roanoke Assistant City Attorney), and Lola Rodriguez Perkins (James City Assistant County Attorney) will all continue to serve the second year of their existing terms as Directors.

The Committee recognizes that the LGA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws requires that there be a 13-person Board of Directors, consisting of eight at-large Directors, four Officers, and one Immediate Past President. In view of the recent resignation of Cynthia Hudson, however, there will be no person to advance to the position of Immediate Past President. The Articles and Bylaws are silent on what is to be done when the President resigns or is otherwise not able to complete his or her term as President. Consequently, the Committee has recommended, and the Board of Directors agrees, that the position of Immediate Past President remain vacant for the upcoming term that begins on September 1, 2014.