LGA Awards and Recognitions Committee

Mission statement

Publicize criteria, solicit nominations, review nominees, and make recommendations to the board of directors regarding deserving recipients of the (1) Edward J. Finnegan Distinguished Service Award, presented at the fall conference, (2) Cherin Award for an Outstanding Deputy or Assistant Local Government Attorney, presented at the spring conference, (3) Special Projects Award, presented at the fall conference, and (4) Service Awards, presented at the fall conference. Work with the LGA staff in drafting an appropriate resolution for each award and obtaining a gift to present to the award recipient. These awards will be made only when there is a worthy recipient.

Publicize criteria, solicit nominations, and work with LGA staff in selecting appropriate gifts and arranging a conference recognition ceremony for LGA's member service awards (awarded each fall), special project awards (awarded each fall), and retiree awards (awarded at spring or fall conferences, as appropriate).

Make recommendations to the board of directors regarding nominees to the Fellows Council of the Virginia Law Foundation. Any recommendations for nominations are to be presented to the board in the summer. Each recommendation shall be accompanied by a draft letter to the president of the Fellows Council supporting the nomination, with the letter prepared for the signature by the LGA president if the board of directors approves the nomination.

Regularly review and recommend to the board any needed changes in the criteria for each LGA award. Recommend to the board any local, regional, or statewide award programs to recognize service by the LGA, its members and associate members (e.g., The VSB Award of Merit for outstanding projects sponsored by local government and other specialty bar associations, The VSB Tradition of Excellence Award, recognition awards of local and specialized bar associations). Make recommendations regarding nominees and submit nominations materials for any of these awards, as directed and/or approved by the board or directors.

Work with LGA staff and Bill of Particulars staff to publicize, as appropriate, the recipients of all LGA awards, both to the recipients' localities and in Lawyers Weekly and other media.

To see a chart detailing the various nomination deadlines for each of the awards, click here.



Milissa R. Spring, Chair
Loudoun County
Ends 12.31.17 2nd
Michelle R. Robl
Vice Chair & board liaison
County of Prince William
(703) 792-6620
Ends 12.31.16 1st
Curt G. Spear Jr.
Prince William County
Ends 12.31.16 2nd
Andrew R. McRobert
Essex County
Ends 12.31.17 2nd
Joseph M. DuRant
City of Newport News

Ends 12.31.16 1st
Eric A. Gregory
King George County
Ends 12.31.17 1st
Rebecca B. Randolph
Hanover County
Ends 12.31.17 1st