LGA Amicus Briefs Committee


Be responsible for determining the LGA’s participation as amicus curiae in certain circumstances when the litigation is generally significant to local government in Virginia, according to policy guidelines and procedures set forth by the LGA board of directors.

Facilitate the board's evaluation of the effectiveness of LGA's participation in the amicus curiae process by preparing and presenting to the board annually a summary of all cases in which LGA has participated as an amicus curiae, which summary shall include the author of the brief, the issue, and the results of each court case.

To see the LGA Policy Guidelines for the Amicus Committee, click here.


George A. Somerville, Chair
Harman Claytor Corrigan & Wellman 
Ends 12.31.17 2nd
Timothy R. Spencer
Vice Chair & Board liaison
City of Roanoke
Ends 12.31.17 2nd
Bobbi Jo Alexis
County of Culpeper

Ends 12.31.17 2nd
Elizabeth Ellen Bowyer
Amherst County

Ends 12.31.17 2nd
Gail S. Marshall
Town of Orange
Ends 12.31.17 2nd
Lawrence S. Spencer Jr.
Town of Blacksburg

Ends 12.31.17 2nd
Cheran D. Cordell
City of Portsmouth

Ends 12.31.16 2nd
George A. McAndrews
City of Alexandria

Ends 12.31.16 2nd
Monica T. Monday
Gentry Locke

Ends 12.31.16 1st
Bernadette S. Peele
Prince William County
Ends 12.31.16 1st

To view a chronological listing and brief summary of all cases in which the LGA has participated as amicus curiae, click here

Copies of the amicus curiae briefs filed by or on behalf of the LGA are available for viewing and downloading by clicking on the apropriate link below (but note that only filings after August 1, 2007 are available).

City of Chesapeake v. Dominion Securityplus Self Storage, LLC, Record No. 150328 (Supreme Court of Virginia, filed Oct. 28, 2015)

Boren v. Nw. Reg’l Jail Auth., Record No. 13-7695 (4th Cir., filed Mar. 21, 2014)

Bd. of Superv'rs of James City County v. Windmill Meadows LLC, Record No. 130210 (Va., filed July 22, 2013)
McBurney v. Young, No. 12–17 (U.S. Sup. Ct., filed Jan. 31, 2013)
Harmon v. Ewing
, Record No. 121118 (Va., filed Oct. 17, 2012)
Charlottesville Area Fitness Club Operators Ass'n v. Bd. of Superv'rs of Albemarle County
, No. 110741 (Va., filed Oct. 7, 2011)
Hill v. Fairfax County Sch. Bd.
, No. 111805 (Va. June 7, 2012)
McBurney v. Young
, Case No. 11-1099 (4th Cir., filed Apr. 21, 2011)
City of Lynchburg v. English Constr.
, Record No. 081344 (Va., filed Dec. 15, 2008)
Tanner v. City of Virginia Beach
, Record No. 080998 (Va., filed Dec. 11, 2008)
Comcast of Chesterfield County v. Bd. of Superv'rs for Chesterfield County
, Record No. 080946 (Va., filed Nov. 20, 2008)
Town of Blacksburg v. Bd. of Zoning Appeals of Town of Blacksburg
, Record No. 081001 (filed Oct. 20, 2008)
Bd. of Superv'rs of Stafford County v. Crucible, Inc.
, Record No. 081743 (Va., filed Feb. 23, 2009)
City of Lynchburg v. English Constr.
, Record No. 081344 (Va., filed July 14, 2008)
Virginia Baptist Homes v. Botetourt County
, Record No. 072042 (Va., filed May 2, 2008)
Lynchburg Div. Soc. Servs. v. Cook
, Record No. 071964 (Va., filed Dec. 15, 2008)
West Creek Assocs. v. County of Goochland
, Record No. 071411 (Va., filed Jan. 7, 2008)
City of Newport News, Va. v. Sciolino
, No. 07-159 (U.S., filed Nov. 9, 2007)
Logan v. City of Roanoke
, Record No. 070131 (Va., filed Aug. 13, 2007)