SEI Alumni Program

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SEI Alumni Program will not be held in 2013


This program addresses many of the ICMA Practices for
Effective Local Government Management.

Please read the letter to SEI Alumni below regarding the programmatic and pricing changes made to the 2012 SEI Alumni Program.

TO: All SEI Alumni
FROM: The SEI Team at UVA.
SUBJECT:  Expanded SEI Alumni Program

Dear SEI Alumni:
                Like all of you, we here at the University are undergoing significant changes to respond to the reality of reduced state support and difficult economic conditions.  The entire University is engaged in a serious look at the financial viability of our programs.  We recognize that the cost increase of this significantly expanded 2012 SEI Alumni Program may surprise some.  When we carefully evaluated the SEI Alumni Program we found that it has been a big money loser for some time, supported in large part by state assistance which is now gone.  This forces us to revise the SEI Alumni program in 2012 so that it will break even in revenues and costs.  For a four-day professional development educational program, however, it is competitive in price and may just about break even for us if it is well attended.  It represents our new reality, and the best way we know how to tailor our program to what we have heard you frequently request.
                As we examined this Program, we reviewed what we have been hearing about it over the years both from participants and those who chose not to attend.  In particular, we received the feedback that a number of people desired the Program to be longer, more reminiscent of the SEI experience, and more substantive.
                This year is a great opportunity to transition to an Alumni Program that meets these needs from August 6-9.  It also pairs nicely with the retirement celebration dinner for our long-time director Bob Matson on Thursday evening, August 9 that many of you have said you want to attend.
                The revamped Program is called ON-CORE, signifying both a return to the SEI experience you have appreciated and the opportunity to revisit core issues that remain central to your professional life.  During these four days, John Nalbandian, Bob Matson, Jim Colvard and others return with new perspectives to help you engage in leading your organizations in these tough times.
               We’ll be forming new SEI Alumni small teams similar to when you were at SEI. Bring a specific challenge you face to work through with your team receiving advice and coaching from your team colleagues who will bring a breadth of experience and knowledge.
               You’ll be able to return to your locality with an action plan for how you and your leadership team together can perform at your best.
               Tony Gardner shares "As a credentialed manager I am always looking for innovative ways to complete my 40 hour commitment. With the practices noted below, the 2012 Alumni program will go a long way toward completing my annual update. I hope you will join me for provocative "real world" conversations and engagement as we continue our professional journey together."