Virginia Institute of Government Staff

John P. Thomas, Director

Overseeing a university-based public service center requires the ability to move between the often-different cultures of the academy and government. Since 1996, Center Director John P. Thomas has moved with ease between the two.

John has a doctorate in public administration and has been the executive director of the Florida Association of Counties, the National Association of Counties and the American Society for Public Administration. The mix of these worlds, practice and theory, provide an effective background for overseeing the Cooper Center's programs that link the University of Virginia with public affairs.

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Director, Cooper Center, Richmond Office, Training Director, Virginia Institute of Government
Billie Easton

Billie Easton is the training director of the Virginia Institute of Government. In this capacity Billie delivers and brokers training and professional development opportunities for public employees and officials, primarily in local government. Many of these programs are designed and implemented in partnership with individual localities, local government professional associations, institutions of higher education, and state agencies.

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Graphic Designer
Jennifer Nelson

Since 1994, Jennifer has been the graphic designer for all divisions of the Weldon Cooper Center’s Richmond Office, including the Virginia Institute of Government (VIOG) and the Local Government Attorneys of Virginia, Inc., (LGA). She also manages several financial databases for these organizations: the VIOG’s membership contributions; subscriptions to the VIOG’s Compensation Survey System; and registrations for the LGA’s one regional and two annual conferences.

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Associate Director, Virginia Institute of Government
Tedd Povar

Tedd Povar is Associate Director of the Virginia Institute of Government. A former city manager, Tedd's primary responsibility is satisfying the Institute's "technical assistance" core function. Starting in 1997, he created and now runs the Email Broadcast Information Service, commonly known as "EBIS", a simple but highly effective way for member localities to get information and assistance from other localities across the state.

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