Spring 2011 Second Wednesday Series - May

Business Writing Basics: Write it Right

Wednesday, May 11, 2011, at the U.Va. Richmond Center, Half-day-9:00 am-12:00 pm

Program Preview

The ability to write a good business letter is as important as dressing appropriately for work: both reflect who you are. In fact, your business contacts may know you only through your written correspondence. A clear, concise business letter reflects well on you and your organization. Good business writing communicates exactly what you mean to say in a way that the reader will understand; a well written letter, memo, or email will help you get the results you want.
In this course, you will learn 8 basic steps to writing effectively, including organizing your thoughts, analyzing your audience, and enlivening your message using simple, clear language.

This workshop will help you to

      • assess your audience
      • determine and prioritize your key points
      • use clear, concise language rather than technical jargon and out–of–date 
        words and phrases
      • strengthen your writing weaknesses

About the Trainer

Jim Einhaus is a learning consultant with Chesterfield University with over 25 years of experience in employee development. He teaches in the university's schools of Leadership and Personal Effectiveness and Quality and Continuous Improvement. As a board member for the School of Leadership and Personal Effectiveness, Jim oversees the school's leadership certificate programs for employees and supervisors.
Jim's career includes many years in the private sector in curriculum development and as a trainer of management and organizational improvement; leadership assessments; and diversity and inclusion. Jim has an M.A. in clinical psychology from Xavier University.

For more information, please contact 804/371-0101.