Local Tax Rates

Since 1982, the Center for Economic and Policy Studies has been
gathering and publishing data concerning the local taxes and fees
imposed by Virginia localities.

The publication references all the tax categories permitted in the Code of Virginia. You will find data concerning real property taxes, merchants' capital taxes, tangible personal property taxes, utility taxes, motor vehicle
licensing taxes, business license taxes, local excise sales taxes,
cigarette taxes and more.

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The following editions of Virginia Local Tax Rates are available in PDF format:

2012 Tax Rates
2011 Tax Rates

2010 Tax Rates

2009 Tax Rates

2008 Tax Rates

2007 Tax Rates
2006 Tax Rates
2005 Tax Rates
2004 Tax Rates
2003 Tax Rates
2002 Tax Rates
2001 Tax Rates
2000 Tax Rates
1999 Tax Rates

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