Research Papers

Research Papers

Virginia Local Tax Rates: 2013

John Knapp and Stephen Kulp

Growing Agribusiness: The Contribution And Development Potential Of Agriculture And Forest Industry In The Danville Metropolitan Area

Terance J. Rephann and James Ellis

Investigation of the Effects of Emission Market Design on the Market-Based Compliance Mechanism of the California Cap on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Charles A. Holt and William M. Shobe

Outdoor Recreation Demand for Virginia: An Analysis Using 2011 Virginia Outdoors Survey Data

Terance J. Rephann

Filling the Gaps: Dentist Disparities along the Rural Urban Continuum

Terance J. Rephann and Tanya Wanchek

Agriculture in Virginia Beach: Impact on the City Economy

Terance J. Rephann

Rethinking Environmental Federalism in a Warming World

William Shobe and Dallas Burtraw

Oral Health and the Dental Care Workforce in Southwest Virginia

Tanya Wanchek, Terance J. Rephann and William Shobe

The Economic Impact of the Horse Industry in Virginia

Terance J. Rephann

Economic Effects of Health Care Reform on Virginia

Terance J. Rephann

Study of the Economic Impact of Virginia Public Higher Education

Terance J. Rephann, John Knapp and William Shobe

Price Discovery in Emissions Permit Auctions

Dallas Burtraw, Jacob K. Goeree, Charles A. Holt, Erica Myers, Karen Palmer and William Shobe

Southwest Virginia Health Care Sector Economic Impact Analysis

Tanya Wanchek

The Effect of CSB Services on Hospitalization Rates

Tanya Wanchek

Dental Hygiene Regulation and Access to Care

Tanya Wanchek

Community Colleges and Local Economic Development

Terance J. Rephann

The Economic Impact of Agriculture and Forestry on the Commonwealth of Virginia

Terance J. Rephann

Getting Into Neutral: Climate Policy and the University

William Shobe

Spatial Analysis in Veterans Cemetery Location

Terance J. Rephann

State and Local Climate Policy under a National Emissions Floor

Dallas Burtraw and William Shobe

Rental Housing and Crime: The Role of Property Ownership and Management

Terance J. Rephann

Meeting the Memorial Needs of Virginia Veterans: An Analysis of Existing and Proposed Cemetery Sites

Terance J. Rephann

Local Options on Global Stocks: How the States are affecting the U.S. Debate on Climate Policy

Dallas Burtraw and William Shobe

Auction Design for Selling CO2 Emission Allowances Under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Charles A. Holt, William Shobe, Dallas Burtraw, Karen Palmer and Jacob K. Goeree

Community College Growth Opportunities: Untapped Potential in America’s Heartland?

Terance J. Rephann

The Economic Impact of the University of Virginia: How a Major Research University Affects the Local and State Economies

William Shobe and John L. Knapp

The Virginia Horse Center\'s Economic Impact in 2004: An Update of the 2001 Study

John Knapp

An Experimental Basis for Public Policy Initiatives

Charles A. Holt, William M. Shobe and Angela M. Smith

Trading Programs for Environmental Management: Reflections on the Air and Water Experiences

Leonard Shabman, Kurt Stephenson and William Shobe

The use of panel data in the analysis of the behavioral response to taxation

Joel B Slemrod and William M. Shobe